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but i like the revelations keep coming global privacy champion edward snowden marks a year now since he fled to russia seeking a haven from american intelligence avenge a. final batch of syria's declared toxic gas been handed over it is now out of the country the global chemical weapons watchdog confirms they will now be destroyed. cranium deputies admit to forty children killed in the government's military offensive while the new president goes ignored by state forces and opponents alike . also this hour to poland's foreign minister allegedly gets called out by a leaked foul mouthed conversation suggesting his nation paths to world merica.
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live from moscow eight pm says r t international with me kevin zero in on our top story his revelation shook some of the fundamental bonds between citizens of the state but instead of a nobel prize is efforts earned him a top place of america's most wanted list yes it is now a year since former n.s.a. employee edward snowden landed here in russia his asylum ends next month and still not clear what's next for him then while his whereabouts remain secret to your press cut off next looks at how snowden managed to slip through washington's fingers even though the world was watching. c.n.n. now has the word that edward snowden has left hong kong there are many questions about why snowden is able to stay one step ahead of american authorities snowden is reported to be on a flight to moscow in the arrivals hall of moscow's airport sector
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a terminal on june twenty third two thousand and thirteen this is where that flight from hong kong with edward snowden on board arrived. these doors were surrounded by a whole army of journalists with cameras and microphones broadcasting the life pictures of everything that was going on here but when the last passenger finally came out and they were still no sign of them became clear the next most probable place there could be if not here then inside the transit zone. the american whistleblower edward snowden is thought to be in moscow airport it looks like snowden is spending the night in the transit area of moscow's sheremetyevo airport all the indications are that he's about one hundred meters away from where i'm standing it journalists photographers t.v. radio press agencies you name it and everyone was looking for snowden everywhere in every corner in every bathroom in v.a.p.
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rooms even under seats but no one could find him but soon information quickly spread that it was inside the capsule hotel right here in the transit zone that the former n.s.a. contractor was in. so as all this chaos was happening outside the hotel most likely edward snowden was sitting in one of these rooms planning his further actions the plans that no one guessed in the end it became known that snowden and his advisor had been checked in for a flight to cuba so naturally dozens of us rushed to get on that flight some even coughed up the cash for business class full exclusive interview but once again the former n.s.a. contractor. let's cross now to our to who is aboard the flight so you're gore you're joining us by phone. tell us what you can see on the plane is snowed in there or is there no sign of a. remarkable just watch to be told that the plane
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were actually now taxiing onto the earth strip we're about to take off. for you with one hundred percent one hundred fifty percent. not on this plane the plane packed with journalists took off with the two seats allegedly booked for snowden and his advisors still empty so what we thought might be the end of the russian chapter for snowden was actually just the beginning after spending weeks in that transit zone the whistleblower finally received temporary asylum in russia where he used to be but even a year on security and safety concerns mean exact whereabouts or still shrouded in secrecy he was going to moscow and of course remember the headlines from it all america's national security agency collecting thousands of e-mails annually that was a shock wasn't it britain's g c h q got its eyes through the privacy walls of facebook google and twitter accounts german intelligence used the n.s.a. spying program we learned and so those headlines kept on coming piling
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embarrassment on to the united states and britain and their ongoing spy programs it was a big wake up call for the rest of us so what do we really learn than about our daily routine and the dangers there in of what we do with our information well if you are an american your phone and video calls as well as your e-mails were routinely intercepted maybe by special forces if they wanted to do so is another thing as well have you trusted your private data with google yahoo or maybe facebook will if you did that means the government would have been able to access it again if they wanted to you being a president wouldn't help you may recall they granted one president's plane the ground your plane for a present if i suspect you're being whistleblower have to weigh the morality of bolivia other things we learned press freedom swept aside when governments reputations are at stake in. major u.k. newspaper they came the target of police raids publishing the revelations at the time the guardian there and we also learned that friends do spy on friends the n.s.a. had been tapping into germany's angle of merkel's phone calls of faster than it but
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embarrassing them for berlin the latest snowden leak shows that germany's actually been a launch pad for america's espionage of europe it goes on in ever decreasing circles paid all over the news got more on that story. over the last twelve months edward snowden's revelations of showing that not only is germany at the very heart of the n.s.a. surveillance program but that the germans themselves are among the most spied on and listened to in the world with millions of data connections being tracked putting them alongside the likes of afghanistan and iraq and it's not just those suspected of having committed a crime that of being snooped on here at the german chancellor rhee there was a breach of security when it was revealed that angela merkel's private cell phone it being listened to by the americans prompting a few angry phone calls and general all round embarrassment it now seems unlikely there will be a full investigation into what went on leaked n.s.a.
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documents talk about an intimate relationship between the german and us government something which is upset people here because they fear they'll never find out the true scope of the snooping that went on and how involved germany was in spying on its people we got some salt from the burning commission of the data protection of freedom he told us he thinks the us should be held responsible by germany but still hope that the federal government is talking talking clearly and tough in behind closed doors to the u.s. government because even if there is a friendly relationship without doubt between germany and the united states even between friends one has to speak out about certain realities and trust has been broken and therefore it is urgently necessary to draw consequences from this all there is still a dispute going on in order to clear up and and try to get edward snowden to appear before the committee but this does probably will not happen because the
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federal government will not agree to free passage for mr snowden on the other hand we have a criminal investigation going on but only concerns the spying of mrs marco's phone . if you're no more. said snowden's a skate three events that followed all the revelations that he made had to walk team don't call plenty about the. ukrainian government fighters are accusing the government of violating its own ceasefire with fresh offensives kevin turn blames the rebels for the failure of the truce and next roman culture of reports tonight it's not only the men with guns who've been paying the price artsy received video shot from the russian territory near ukrainian border that showed at least thirty minutes shelling an area about one kilometer away from the a russian border and apparently it was done from the positions of ukrainian national guards and of course in this conflict people continue and
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people with guns are not the only casualties according to ukraine's head of the cranium parliament's health committee at least forty children perished as the result of the committee of action in eastern ukraine and children die mostly because self shelling and direct gunfire moreover a russian a freight train of was heading into ukraine he was already in the equating territory when a blast occurred and as a result fourteen train cars words all railed and another twin blast damaged a nearby track as well and investigators are now working on the sea to that sermon who the sailors were and of course their restoring their railway as well now here in donetsk people are already experiencing drinking water shortages but the situation is a lot more a dire in the city all follow gonski which is which haven't seen drinking water for
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quiet's a long time for a couple of weeks at least and we can see a long queues at least five kilometers long people lining up for water and it's a regular occurrence either and this is all leading to an epidemic according to. local officials and of course there is shortages of food and electricity supply as well you can see empty shelves in stores and meanwhile the city of slavyansk itself it's slowly but surely turning into a ghost town as people are fleeing the shelling and their artillery gunfire from a cause for forty who have froze international affairs expert said xander mccurry is told is that what sets the new government in kiev apart right now is its love of confrontation the consistent practice of the mind on movement to which this new government in kiev has emerged is to consume confrontation whenever it meets any resistance to tools and whenever that resistance grows to see used more
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confrontation and that has been the pattern in the eastern ukraine still think it would frankly require enormous external pressure. for that to change and at the moment there is little sign that. thanks be with us tonight coming up. which is what's left after an israeli military raid but the i.d.f. struggled to explain itself as to why those troops stormed the office we examine that a bit further a few minutes hence. focusing on syria for a minute syria's reached a significant milestone today on the road to destroying its chemical weapons it's no handed over all of the toxic material it declared to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons it is really been following the story for us the road to disarmament has been rather rocky for syria of course according to o.p.c. w the deal which was brokered by russia with the participation from the u.s.
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in september of last year has been largely fulfilled by the syrian officials according to the organization for prohibition of chemical weapons the syrian government has been very instrumental in organizing the shipment and destruction of chemical weapons they have been doing their job for their part of course considering the fact that there is a civil war going on in syria at the moment the process hasn't been going down very smoothly with some deadlines being of course missed by this syrian officials however by this point we can talk about the fact that all of syria's chemical stockpile has been removed from the country of course there is still a rather lengthy process of destruction going on but we are we are essentially in the homestretch of the entire syrian chemical disarmament process all thoughts about it political analyst and journalist glazebrook told us he believes that syria's ability to stick to the terms of the disagree of the disarmament during
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these troubled times is a positive sign from the. this is a huge enterprise to to to locate move across a war zone and the full you know it's what i'm and get out i'm sure these huge stockpiles of chemical weapons is a massive undertaking there's a lot skepticism about whether it be done so i think this is testament to the continued to organization opacity of this even stay there was a lot of criticism of the timetable being unrealistic and yet it's been for less lives. just ahead they are not international isis militants of tightening their grip on iraq taking more cities across the country's northwest while the country's security forces battled to try to secure control of iraq's largest oil refineries fuel to the north is running low got that coming up.
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says the media lead us so we leave that maybe. by the same potion security for your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on our team reporting from the world talks about the v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing story for you.
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the arabic to find out more visit our big dog eat dog call. eight pm near moscow now poland's foreign minister has been secretly taped comparing his country's relationship with the u.s. to a sexual act and it's washington that's come out on top a polish news magazine claims it a leaked recording of the diplomat calling the alliance with the u.s. worthless indeed a transcript of the leaked details saying also was giving oral sex to america in return for an illusion of safety and that it's costing poland there for its relationships with europe and russia but political scientist much is preschool ski told us that something the polish public already understands anyway let me start which is obvious for for every place has does voiced the opinion which is
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shared by most of the population here i would like also to add to that because king also what he's talking about because for a long time he has been poor percy fear in poland and american hatred of influence so i hope that the progress of volunteer russia france and germany i will at least now that the polish politicians understand the real natural relations between us and poland. greek drug lords have taken one massive hit as europe's largest ever heroin seed took place in iraq in the week and we got more details on my website if you want to check it out. there it is a mystery reading for oppression and taking aim the mainstream media in westminster powerbrokers we catch up with outspoken british comedian russell brand to among the anti cuts crowds in london again are check that out starting dot com.
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artie's office in the west bank is trying to salvage its work today after suffering a devastating raid by israeli troops the assault was apparently part of a crackdown on local media centers in the broader campaign against the palestinian authorities who being blamed for the kidnap of three israeli teenagers soldiers forced their way into a building used by transmission company media where our t's office is also based they damaged furniture technical equipment and completely destroyed computer hardware troops also confiscated some archive materials well i asked the israeli defense forces for an explanation of what this was about since the channel is not linked to the work of palestinian media anyway the idea of them says felt somewhat sure first israeli authorities said the goal of the raid was the al aksa channel which is surprising since that channel studio is actually into the building so the i.d.f. tried again saying that no they were actually trying to search could stevie eventually the i.d.f. admitted its operational target was the entire media complex that's why r.t.
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stuff and library materials were confiscated they promised to return the equipment but only after examining it for terrorist content the deputy head of the arabic told me joshie that israeli forces raids are going too far now. it happened after midnight everybody was it home the only guard who opened the door of the building then they broke all the doors they broke our t's office which is not accepted accepted told how they enter our offices break our computers our internet connection take whatever they want now we're. taking prison small children even the israeli human rights groups accuse them of doing so there's a lot of question marks on the way they're trying to find these kinda out people we are in our part as journalists where we will support every mean to find the truth we will call great i will say again if that is in the mean if they come and ask us to show them our. we have nothing to hide we show our viewers everything we are
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ready to show them but it's it's not the way you should ask for that. typical of our sister chum of the arabic channel kuwait t.v. was another network heavily searched in the building. removed works for her materials taken to she calls the israeli raid sabotage what happened was a mare by all signs that we see is clearly a way of samba tires it is meant to break in and to frighten media outlets local and international and the break in by all means and not allowing journalists to attend or to cover what was happening is also with sign that this operation specifically was meant sabotaging and destroying material to impede the work of journalists.
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scotland is preparing to mark seven hundred years since it secured a long stretch of independence from england in a battle of bunnag this year the country's again vying for independence of course but this time around its fate will be decided not through warfare but by a referendum and with decision day getting ever closer ortiz polyploid could next reports on how the u.k. government is striving to remind scots of what's at stake. frannie scott still undecided about which way to vote come september when you brochure is about to land on every single doorstep in scotland setting out the british government's argument for the united kingdom to stay united forever on else antti has done the hard work and summed it all up for you it begins with an issue that central to the debate the pound the british government insists staying in the u.k. is the only way scotland can keep the scottish the argument goes that a bigger britain means a bigger economy with the u.k. scout helping to keep interest rates no saving secure and energy bills cheap next
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scotland uses many of the u.k.'s public bodies from the departments that issued driving licenses for example to the passport office the national lottery and the b.b.c. leaving the u.k. would mean setting up a new scottish equivalent from scratch and true to its roots as the home of the gentlemen's club the u.k. is the only country in the world that can boast membership of nato the e.u. the commonwealth the g seven the g eight and the g twenty if scotland decides to go solo its name will be struck off a lot of guest lists and the british government points out it was planning to devolve more power to the scottish parliament from next year anyway from twenty fifteen the scottish parliament will get more powers to set tax rates and decide if and when to borrow money even if it's not independent lilly's it also points out that the u.k. represents scottish interests abroad take for example scottish whiskey for billion
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pounds of the stuff was exported last year but if scotland the whisks itself away from the union it would have a small a network of embassies promoting it spirals abroad business could suffer which could leave the industry nursing an independence hangover the scottish government told r.t. that it won't be posting its owed pro independence brochures in respond. anyone interested in the scottish government's believe for independence can request a copy of the white paper where their plans are will set out. so as it stands at the moment it looks like the majority of scottish people are still afraid of losing global influence and they prefer to stay in the u.k. but with the yes or no campaigns in full swing right now support for independents is steadily growing currently more than a third of scots are willing to say yes to independence now while the pro-union camp gets busy trying to persuade people with brochures pulling out the benefits of staying together the independence advocates on the other side is setting out their
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stalls take a look at that they say an independent scotland will have its own laws and be able to dictate its own foreign policy and it could be rid of nuclear weapons from its territory as well also the separate is campaigners say that keeping north sea oil revenues within scotland and rejecting the u.k.'s austerity policies is going to boost the home economy but we've been getting opinions from both the us and the nokia. i think it stands to gain control of resources which i barley spend a moment even from a standing start we're doing incredibly well you can only indicators of exactly positive with the u.k. with oil and gas worth oil and gas we're doing extremely well what they're trying to convince the scottish people is that by being independent they can actually run and control their own laws that it's not true all they're doing is shifting the power that they share in the scottish people share in the u.k. parliament to actually having very little power in new york in union they would also have to have the euro so there's no question about the pound anymore. the u.s.
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secretary of state is urging iraqi leaders to waste no time in forming a more inclusive government john kerry's on a surprise visit to baghdad america's already said military advisers to help the country's army to quell the ongoing isis fighters in the latest wave of violence there indeed at least seventy prisoners were killed by jihad this is they attacked a police convoy near the capital isis has also seized the trichy to the strategic sheer majority town of tal afar no controls its airport hundreds of iraqi soldiers according to prime minister maliki have died at the hands of insurgents and you can feel for ports now only sectarian divisions and tearing the country. the march on baghdad for now on hold instead of just harvest fighters taking till grip on western iraq this weekend's gains three border crossings interest syria and jordan and for nearby towns territory now for only in the hands of insurgents from
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the islamic state in iraq and syria. despite the chaos spreading across the country and eerie calm in the kurdish capital the city is just sixty kilometers from the isis front line but a downtown air bill it was business as usual kurdistan has often felt like a separate country all to. yeah there you at the height of iraq's most violence and bloodiest moments now with the current crisis treading the country to pieces it's closer than ever to becoming one kurdish soldiers are now in control of territory that used to be disputed but no one here seems to think that to harvest would dare march on them. but i have full faith in the forces we won let's anything happen. for some the prospect of a divided iraq was a welcome one do you think that iraq will remain one country as we know it's after this crisis and maybe what i said may be that iraq will have to be divided will
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have area and the sunnis and shias will have there is no one in kurdistan is lord we have oil we have a strong army. they may help or oil but fuel is running scarce for days now iraqi forces battled with isis for control of the country's largest oil refinery this is one of the first things you notice here in erbil these massive gas lines some of the cars have been here for hours since the morning many people in fact camped out overnight to try to get online so they can get gas frustrated residents line up to get their share authorities have limited each individual to thirty leaders that's less than what it takes to fill two tanks the people we've spoken to said there haven't been lines like this for fuel since big outbreak of the u.s. led invasion back in two thousand and three and although there are shortages here in erbil parts of northern iraq have run out of gas even on the black market and so people are stocking up they say that they don't know what will bring and the fear
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is that it will get a lot worse before it gets better that's a sentiment we heard from many here and it's not just the knees fleeing the violence we encountered shia refugees to october job or came here six days ago from baghdad in baghdad a situation that has gone from bad to worse as injured people are arming themselves . in the ready to fight one another nice among all they see in the future is blood sure. if something doesn't change iraq will be a country of orphans and all that you see catherine of erbil iraq always relevant coming of the big story today on this channel talking of iraq they're up next crosstalk. is talking about how much of the roots of iraq's current crisis like across the atlantic they're figuring that out looking to get more details right after the break.
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on marriage in the financial world. governments cannot stop it is the only techno demand to try to get. in life there are. facts. right to see. the first strike. and i think you're. on our reporters.
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on the. hello and welcome to crossfire all things are considered. the scramble to save iraq as the baghdad government loses control over much of the country washington is calling for changes in the regime all the while the region's borders are set to be redrawn. to cross-talk a rock i'm joined by my guest michael o'brien in washington he is a former defense department contractor in iraq and author of the book america's failure in iraq also in washington we have michael hughes.


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